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Winbag Air Wedge Alignment Tool

Winbag Air Wedge Alignment Tool

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The original Winbag-pump it up is produced in Denmark. The WINBAG Inflatable air cushion is an innovative alignment tool that can replace shims and wedges when levelling and installing Windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, and household appliances. Unlike wooden shims and plastic wedges that can Mar surfaces, the Winbag air wedge doesn't leave marks and is gentle on its surroundings. The Winbag's Inflatable air cushion is made of fibre-reinforced material that is durable enough to be used time and time again. It’s very powerful, the hand-operated pump gives the Winbag a maximum load of 130 kg per bag. Accomplish larger jobs by adding another Winbag to increase capacity. With infinite adjusting possibilities and deflates at the touch of a button. The Winbag can even be used to level furniture around the house or as an effective door stopper. With the Winbag, a single professional installer can position, adjust, align, level and hold work materials in place, saving time and reducing costs.

Safety Notes:

Winbag should always be considered a supplementary tool and normal precautions in the work environment should be followed. The Winbag is capable of producing powerful pressure between it and its surroundings and caution should, therefore, be exerted when inflating and deflating. The pressure in the pillow element will slowly decrease during use, and it is also possible to puncture the Winbag with sharp objects such as screws and drills during use. Therefore, make sure that parts being held in place or separated by the Winbag are firmly secured by other means. Use care when inflating and deflating Winbag make sure that nobody's parts such as fingers or toes are between the Winbag and its surroundings and/or between the parts being held in place. The Winbag may only be operated by hand using the rubber hand pump. Never use pneumatics on the Winbag and never tamper with or modify the state of which the Winbag was originally purchased. Do not exceed the maximum load stated per Winbag for any job even when using more Winbag at the same time. Local building regulations and any other relevant laws must be followed when using Winbags.

Key Features:
- Inflatable air cushion made of fibre reinforced material that is durable yet non-marking
- Inflatable air Wedge replaces the need for wooden shims and plastic wedges in the window, door and cabinet installations.
- Aligns and levels of household appliances and furniture
- Powerful hand pump lifts to 130kg per Winbag

- Dimensions 18 x 18 x 5cm
- Material: High tenacity nylon, polyether polyurethane, PVC compound
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