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Wacaco Picopresso Portable Espresso Machine

Wacaco Picopresso Portable Espresso Machine

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Make professional quality espresso with the Picopresso portable espresso machine. Surprisingly, the Picopresso doesn’t sacrifice shot quality for portability. It’s designed for the espresso enthusiast who get as much pleasure from making espresso as they do drinking it and wishes to do this anywhere. Namely, the barista.

The Picopresso is the most pro-oriented portable espresso machine available. Measuring in at just over 100mm in height, the Picopresso takes the heart of a commercial espresso machine and re-imagines it for the palm of your hand. Tweak your grind, tamp, add hot water, and pull a deliciously creamy, barista-level espresso.

The build quality and materials are top notch including an 18g commercial grade filter basket, metal dosing ring, distribution tool, metal tamper and a luxurious travel case. All components miraculously store inside the device, so no loose bits!

The quality of espresso you can make with the Picopresso is far beyond any manual espresso maker out there and on par with machines 5 times its size and price.

To make a double shot of espresso with the Picopresso:

Pre-heat the Picopresso by flushing boiling water through it.
Grind approx 18g of coffee beans for espresso (fine) with a quality burr grinder
Unscrew the metal chamber at the bottom of the Picopresso and dry wipe the filter basket.
Use the dosing ring to neatly add ground coffee to the filter basket
Use the distribution tool to evenly distribute coffee throughout the filter basket and break up any clumps.
With the dosing ring still in place, use the tamper to tamp down fully
Screw the chamber tightly back onto the Picopresso.
Add boiling water into the water chamber and screw the lid on tightly.
Release the pumping arm and pump to build up pressure and pump your espresso shot.
To increase crema and retain heat, pull a “naked” shot by removing the spout from the bottom of the metal chamber to expose the bottom of the filter basket.

The Picopresso is a significant upgrade to Wacaco’s predecessors; Minipresso and Nanopresso. Increased double shot capacity, commercial grade filter basket, metal components and luxurious materials.The Picopresso is for barista enthusiasts want to master the art of espresso making by dialling in coffee grind size, tamping, and perfecting espresso shots. Your reward? An authentic cafe-quality espresso.


Produces barista quality double espresso
Full bodied crema
Commercial grade metal filter basket
Uber-compact and lightweight
Includes high-quality dosing ring, distribution tool, tamper, scoop, brush and protective carry case

Dims: 106x78x71 mm
Weight: 350g
Water capacity 80 ml
Ground capacity 18 g
Max. pressure 18 bar
Hand wash only

2-year warranty distributed by wholesale distributor in South Africa
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