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Nanopresso Grey + NS Adaptor

Nanopresso Grey + NS Adaptor

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The Nanopresso puts the power of an entire espresso machine in the palm of your hand.
Sturdy and elegantly built, the Nanopresso is a design marvel. Its patented pump system, effectively replicates the sophisticated brewing process of an entire espresso machine, generating the immense pressure required to make deliciously smooth espresso.

The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee (slightly coarser than espresso) and makes a single shot of espresso (approx 30ml).


Simply fill the basket with ground coffee, tamp lightly and secure in the coffee chamber tightly
Add boiling water to the water chamber and carefully secure tightly
Give approx 3 slow initial pumps until you feel pressure build up
Then pump until all the water has turned into delicious espresso coffee
By adding a Barista Kit, you can increase the capacity from a single shot to a double shot (approx 60ml).

By adding the NS (Nespresso) adapter, you can use Nanopresso for your Nespresso capsules.

You can enjoy being your own barista anywhere with the portable Nanopresso espresso maker.
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