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Tekhenu: Time of Seth

Tekhenu: Time of Seth

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The power and splendor of Egypt is increasing, and its influence can be felt in nearby lands. Seth, the god of war, demands that soldiers be sent to subdue Canaan, the Hittite Empire, and others that may otherwise pose a threat to the Kingdom of Egypt. Gather priests to secure access to potent artifacts to help you in your pursuits. Gain the favor of a cult to provide unique benefits along the way.

Time of Seth enhances Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun with fresh strategic options and new paths to victory.

• New custom dice allow you to gather Soldiers and Priests in addition to performing a God Action as normal.

• Your soldiers are used to establish a presence in nearby lands, competing with your opponents to lay claim to the most valuable regions.

• Your priests can be used to acquire powerful artifacts during the Maat phase.

• New starting cards boost your pursuits of warfare and religious dominance. Cultist cards grant unique benefits as you serve the gods and assert your place in the Kingdom of Egypt.

Minimum Players: 1
Maximum Players: 4
Game Duration: 120 Minutes
Minimum Recommended Age: 14
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