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Squality Biotan Non-Stick Saute Pan 28cm - Grey

Squality Biotan Non-Stick Saute Pan 28cm - Grey

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The Squality line was imagined in Switzerland then designed and manufactured in Denmark. They create cookware that combines design and performance, offering premium quality for both professional and home cooking enthusiasts.

The saute pan is perfect for searing, roasting, simmering, stewing, and more. The carefully designed curve and raised edge allow for tossing and turning foods easily, whether it be meat, fish, or vegetables. The squeeze cast aluminium is a great heat conductor and ensures heat distribution and retention, helping save energy. Biotan is the Squality non-stick coating exclusively developed in their factory. It offers exceptional performance and longevity and allows for healthy cooking as little oil is needed. A unique cast-in-handle eliminates the necessity for screws or rivets, and the silicone on the handle provides a non-slip grip. Wash in hot water with conventional, mild detergent and a soft sponge. Not dishwasher safe. A matching, fitting lid is available to purchase separately.

Key Features:

- Made from high-quality aluminium
- Biotan non-stick surface
- PFOA & PFOS-Free
- 6mm Base remains flat
- Ø28cm x 7cm
- Silicone grip on the handle
- Distributes and retains heat
- Hand wash only

Product Dimensions: 49cm X 28cm X 7cm
Product Weight: 1.33kg
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