Promate Fellymini Multi

Promate Fellymini Multi

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Promate Fellymini Multi-grip shockproof Impact resistant case for iPad Mini-Blue, Retail Box, 1 Year Warranty
Product Overview
The Promate FellyMini is a Multi-holder Shockproof case designed for iPad Mini. Made from highly durable rubber silicone, it is lightweight and its high quality thick foam makes it resistant to bumps and bruises due to accidental drops. Its child friendly design is made from non-toxic material that is safe for your kids. FellyMini has a distinctive multi-holder design that allows easy handling of your iPad either vertically or horizontally. Available in funky colours that your child would love.


•Designed specifically for iPad mini
•Constructed from impact-resistant rubber silicone.
•Corners feature double-thick silicone for outstanding protection against accidental drops.
•Super Light Weight and durable non-toxic Safe Material, Perfect for kids
•Cut out and openings for full access to the screen and other buttons and switches
•distinctive multi-holder design that allows easy handling of your iPad
for iPad mini
for iPad mini with Retina Display

Packing Contents
Promate FellyMini Multi-holder Shockproof case

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