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Pathfinder Deep Cuts Wave 15: Quick-Pick

Pathfinder Deep Cuts Wave 15: Quick-Pick

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The Pathfinder Deep Cuts Wave 15 Quick-Pick SKU is a new addition to our Unpainted Miniatures line to help ease initial launch pick and pack pressures. This SKU will contain 1 copy of every Pathfinder Deep Cuts single wide, tall, and double wide blister pack in Wave 15, along with their corresponding Retailer Reorder cards.

This SKU does not contain any Premium Sets, as those should be ordered separately.

This Quick-Pick sku includes the following:

90326- Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Human Fighter Female
90327- Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Gnome Bard Female
90328- Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Halfling Monk Male
90329- Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Human Alchemist Female
90330- Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Balisse & Astral Deva
90331- Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Brain Collector
90332- Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Giant Centipede
90354- Pathfinder Deep Cuts Wave 15: Retail Reorder Cards
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