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Mercer Culinary Millennia Slim Paring Knives 7cm

Mercer Culinary Millennia Slim Paring Knives 7cm

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Mercer brings exceptional craftsmanship and performance that culinary professionals have been relying on for more than three decades. From next-level knives and cutlery to high performance prep tools and utensils, they don’t just equip professional and home kitchens — they deliver excellence, value, and service for today’s most demanding chefs.

Sharp, durable, and comfortable to use, Mercer Millennia chef knives are some of the best tools for a commercial kitchen. These knives feature carbon steel blades with a durable edge that stays sharp as it slices, dices, cuts, minces, and more. The handle is made out of Santoprene and its non-slip grip gives your chef maximum control. They're all NSF Listed for easy cleaning and sanitation.

Careful now, that’s sharp! Whether you choose to chop, peel, or even carefully and safely carve by the tip of the blade, the Millennia 7cm Paring Knives by Mercer Culinary are the tools to provide just the edge you need for such tasks. Made up of high-carbon steel material, the knives are totally stain resistant to keep them looking clean and refined – and let’s face it, the condition of your cutting tools does matter when you prep ingredients for any of your delicious homemade meals. As you go to chop up veggies, or peel fruits, each knife has an ergonomic grip that immediately provides comfort, for however long you need. And once all is said and done, washing by hand is your best bet at maintaining the condition of your blades for long-term use in precision cutting. So when you need to handle all of those cutting tasks that seem overwhelming, trust in reliable cutting tools that won’t let you down: the Mercer Culinary Millennia 7cm Paring Knives.

Key Features:
- 3 Pack
- 7cm Blade
- Easy edge maintenance
- Stamped construction
- Santoprene and Polypropylene handle
- Ergonomic textured handle
- Protective finger guard
- HRC 53-54
- NSF certification- Handle length

Care Instructions:
- Hand wash only
- Use mild- to medium-strength soap
- Rinse and dry thoroughly
- Do not soak

Product Dimensions: 35cm x 5cm x 10 cm
Product Weight: 0.15kg
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