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LSA Pearl Champagne Flute - Set of 4

LSA Pearl Champagne Flute - Set of 4

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Through the skilled use of hand tools and an understanding of high quality raw materials, our European craftsmen use traditional techniques to transform mouth-blown glass into products of intrinsic value. After basic forms are blown, each piece is finished accordingly using a range of detailed processes. Our experience with the material enables us to experiment and push the boundaries of hand production, using the craftsmanship and skill of European producers..


PEARL. A collection of mouth-blown glass hand painted with mother of pearl lustre. The subtle texture of the glass catches the light, enhancing the iridescent finish

A set of four mouthblown flutes with elegant hand-drawn stems from LSA International's Pearl glassware collection. The long stem keeps the bowl and its contents chilled and the narrow shape retains bubbles when enjoying champagne, prosecco and sparkling wines.


Set of 4
Material: Soda lime glass
H23.2 x Dia.6.2cm
Capacity: 250ml x 4
Mouth-blown glass
Subtly-fluted texture at base of bowl
Bowls hand painted with pearlescent lustre
Hand-drawn stems
Not suitable for dishwasher & microwave
Made in Poland

Product Dimensions: 16.5cm X 16.5cm X 23.2cm
Product Weight: 0.859kg
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