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LSA Lulu Tumbler 350 - 390ml, Set of 4

LSA Lulu Tumbler 350 - 390ml, Set of 4

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Through the skilled use of hand tools and an understanding of high quality raw materials, our European craftsmen use traditional techniques to transform mouth-blown glass into products of intrinsic value. After basic forms are blown, each piece is finished accordingly using a range of detailed processes. Our experience with the material enables us to experiment and push the boundaries of hand production, using the craftsmanship and skill of European producers.


LSA Lulu presents a range of assorted designs for the original presentation of different drinks. Distinctive and fun, this selection of mouthblown glassware includes assorted shapes for a variety of occasions. Each piece is individually hand-made, fire-polished, and elegantly gift-boxed to make a stylish present.
The LSA Lulu Tumbler set is a diverse collection of 4 different tumblers. The varying forms display different techniques of LSA’s artisan glass blowers. Individually handmade and mouth-blown, this range of tumblers offers an eclectic mix of stylish glasses for mixed drinks, cocktails, punch, or lemonade.


- The glasses are created using soda-lime glass, which is lead-free and made from natural ingredients.
- The Lulu Tumbler set consists of 4 different glasses in photographic packaging.
- The glasses are hand blown and finished by experienced artisans.
- Wash the glass in warm soapy water, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth, avoid abrasive cloths and cleaning agents.
- Soda glass is not heatproof. Do not heat or cool the glass quickly as this may cause thermal shock.

Product Dimensions: 10.6cm X 9.5cm X 36.3cm
Product Weight: 1.24kg
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