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Leifheit Airboard Ironing Board M Solid

Leifheit Airboard Ironing Board M Solid

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For almost 60 years, Leifheit has been one of the leading providers of household products in Europe when it comes to cleaning, laundry care, kitchen goods, and wellbeing. They offer high-quality and innovative products with great utility and functional design.

How about saving time when ironing and still scoring points with perfectly ironed shirts and blouses? This miracle of an ironing board offers everything a modern ironing board needs. The Leifheit Air Board M Solid has a special cover with Thermo Reflect Technology which reflects steam and heat from the iron, instead of letting it evaporate through the ironing surface. Thanks to the double-sided ironing effect, the laundry is ironed from both sides, at the same time. This reduces ironing time by up to a third and laundry is visibly smoother. The board is also designed with an ironing surface made from special ultra-light plastic, making it easy to open and close. Measuring 120 x 38cm, the ironing surface rests on a 35mm thick, completely stable, tubular frame. The height of the board can be tailored to suit the user by ranging between 75cm to 98cm and is equipped with a fixed iron rest. This ironing board with Thermo Reflect technology has been specially designed for use with standard irons and steam irons.

Key Features:

- Special cover with Thermo-Reflect-Technology for ironing of both sides
- Ultra-light ironing surface made from special plastic, measuring 120 x 38cm
- Shoulder fit end for optimum shirt ironing
- Fixed iron rest
- Height adjustable between 75cm - 98cm
- Stable frame: lock for moving, and flexible mechanism to compensate for uneven floors
- Suitable for conventional irons and steam irons
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