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Leifheit Profi XL Floor Sweeper - with handle

Leifheit Profi XL Floor Sweeper - with handle

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For almost 60 years, Leifheit has been one of the leading providers of household products in Europe when it comes to cleaning, laundry care, kitchen goods, and wellbeing. They offer high-quality and innovative products with great utility and functional design.

LEIFHEIT Floor Wiper Pro – a CLICK-SYSTEM product:

The LEIFHEIT CLICK SYSTEM Floor Wiper Pro with its special 2-fibre wiper cover duo bristles removes even persistent dirt– the slightly protruding bristles clean into ridges and cracks and the microfibre wipes dirt and water. With its imposing wiping width of 42cm, the Pro Wiper is great for large surfaces such as the whole house or offices. The ingenious flexible 360° rotating joint enables efficient cleaning in wavy lines and revolves around furniture and fixtures. The floor wiper can comfortably be operated with the foot: simply remove the wiper cover with a foot click, press it in the separately available Leifheit Mop press, insert it again, ready.

LEIFHEIT Floor Wiper Pro is part of a CLICK-SYSTEM product: Invest in 1 Cleaning Mop System or Click-Handle and add your favourite attachment options! See images for some of the possibilities!

Compatible with ALL LEIFHEIT CLICK-SYSTEM attachments for cleaning various surfaces

Powerful duo-fibre wiper cover made of microfiber with raised bristles for highly effective cleaning, suitable for all floors

360° movable wiper joint for cleaning in wavy lines, under cupboards and around furniture

Mop Press Pro is available separately for easy wringing of wiper without placing your hands in dirty water

Key Features :

- With a high-quality aluminum handle (140 cm)
- Removal of the wiper cover by clicking the foot press whilst standing
- Fold-around wiper cleans corners and edges in one movement
- Wiping width 42cm
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