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Leifheit Clean Twist System Medium Ergo Mop Set

Leifheit Clean Twist System Medium Ergo Mop Set

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Leifheit has been one of the leading suppliers of household products in Europe for over 60 years. Whether drying clothes, ironing, cleaning or in the kitchen - with its innovative solutions, the Leifheit brand continuously makes everyday life at home a little easier and more convenient: sensible, well-thought-out products of high quality. With their modern, timeless design, the practical helpers from Leifheit fit perfectly into every household.


The patented drill handle mechanism of the CLEAN TWIST M Ergo allows the individual dosing of the moisture of the wiper cover super soft - ideal for gentle and misty wiping.

Floor wipers with drill mechanism, buckets with centrifugal sieve and the wiper cover super soft - all this includes the CLEAN TWIST System M Ergo wiper set. So if you buy this, you can start wiping right away. And this is particularly comfortable: The wiping system is equipped with the patented drill handle mechanism of Leifheit. This makes it possible to dose the moisture individually in relation to it. Thus, the Leifheit wiper is suitable for every type of floor: press four times for wood, twice for tiles. Since it can be operated with just one hand, bending over, contact of the hands with the dirty water and effort are eliminated. The base plate can be easily detached with the foot, the all-round wiper cover cleans corners and edges directly with it and the telescopic handle, which can be adjusted from 109 cm to 140 cm in length, guarantees back-friendly wiping. The flat-angle 360° universal joint allows wiping in hard-to-reach places and in snake lines. The wiper cover with a floor-friendly loop structure made of polyester is particularly suitable for sensitive floors such as parquet, laminate and real wood. The new pocket Velcro combination allows easy attachment and removal of the cover and at the same time secure hold during ejection. On the bucket there is a comfortable carrying handle with handle holder and a pouring snout for clean emptying. Thanks to the optimized ball bearing position, the CLEAN TWIST System M Ergo floor wiper set is particularly quiet when spinning.

-Size: L: 47cm x W:33cm x H: 28cm
-Material: Stainless steel and plastic
-Cleaning set consists of a floor wiper, 12-litre bucket, and Combi wringer attachment

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