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Leifheit Click System Steel Handle

Leifheit Click System Steel Handle

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For almost 60 years, Leifheit has been one of the leading providers of household products in Europe when it comes to cleaning, laundry care, kitchen goods, and wellbeing. They offer high-quality and innovative products with great utility and functional design.

Leifheit Steel Handle - a Click System product: The Leifheit Click System Steel Handle can be attached to any of the Click System attachments. The function handle locks into place automatically for a variety of cleaning appliances, just change the cleaner head, lock it into place, ready to use. The steel handle has a working length of 140cm, an anti-slip head, and a 360° revolving ring for hanging.

Leifheit Steel Handle is a Click System product: Invest in 1 Cleaning Mop System or Click-Handle and add your favourite attachment options!

Key Features:

- Compatible with all Leifheit Click System attachments for cleaning various surfaces
- Steel Handle with Click System allows you to use various Leifheit cleaning devices
- Working length: 140cm
- With an anti-slip head and 360° revolving ring for hanging
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