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Leifheit Dust Pan Set

Leifheit Dust Pan Set

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For almost 60 years, Leifheit has been one of the leading providers of household products in Europe when it comes to cleaning, laundry care, kitchen goods, and wellbeing. They offer high-quality and innovative products with great utility and functional design.

Dust fluff and dirt crumbs that fall from the small shovel on the way to the bin have an end: Leifheit hand sweeping set has an extra-large shovel with a three-sided closed dirt chamber for the transport of even finest dust particles. Optimal sweeping results ensure the easy-to-handle sweeper with its split bristles ends. Each bristle has numerous fine forks, which increase the sweeping efficiency and take the finest dust particles out of the smallest cracks. After the sweeping, the sweeper clicks home into the ergonomic soft handle of the shovel. Together they can hang up space-saving.

Key Features:

- Extra-large shovel with dirt chamber for the safe transport of dust and hairs
- Sweeper with split bristles ends for best sweeping results
- Space-saving hanging up
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