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E-Cloth Washing-Up Pad - Yellow & Grey

E-Cloth Washing-Up Pad - Yellow & Grey

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E-Cloth Company produces microfibre cleaning products intended to facilitate household work. The company produces a line of environmentally conscious products such as microfibre floor mops, dusting cloths and dusters, microfibre cleaning cloths and stainless steel cleaners that are designed to clean using just water and no harsh chemicals, enabling users to keep their home interiors clean and hygenic.

Textured scrubber on one side. Soft and absorbent on the other. The E-Cloth Washing Up Pad does more than an ordinary sponge, with outstanding absorbency and microfibre muscle that removes grime, dried food, and over 99% of bacteria — all with just water. Microscopic precision-engineered fibres do the grunt work, activated by the world’s best cleaner — water. You don’t even need to add washing up liquid. Power through everything in the kitchen sink, from delicate dishware to stubborn, stuck-on leftovers — all without scratching. Then soak up splashes and leftover grease, leaving your sink and counter looking like new. Rinse between chores. Toss in laundry to refresh. More than reusable, our pad is guaranteed for 1 year or 100 washes. That stacks up nicely against the pile of ordinary sponges you might use and toss otherwise. So much simpler and savvier, you might even look forward to washing up.

Key Features:
-Removes 99% of bacteria
- Material: Yellow side: 81% polyester, 19% polyamide, Scrubby side: 100% polyester
- Safe on non stick finishes
- Made in Indonesia
- Rinse between tasks.

Care Instructions:
- To clean and degrease, boil in just water
- Rinse and wring out your Washing Up Pad after use
- Do not use bleach

Product Dimensions: 22cm X 9.5cm X 2cm
Product Weight: 0.1kg
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