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E-Cloth Pet Towel Large - Dark Oak

E-Cloth Pet Towel Large - Dark Oak

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E-Cloth Company produces microfibre cleaning products intended to facilitate household work. The company produces a line of environmentally conscious products such as microfibre floor mops, dusting cloths and dusters, microfibre cleaning cloths and stainless steel cleaners that are designed to clean using just water and no harsh chemicals, enabling users to keep their home interiors clean and hygenic.

The E-Cloth Large Pet Towel takes the mess out of baths and when your pet walks in sloppy from wet weather. Extra-absorbent microfibers grab grime and soak up moisture, drying off even the biggest and shaggiest in a flash. By grabbing mud, grass, twigs, and moisture at the door, you’ll also keep a whole lot of dirt from ever crossing your threshold.

Key Features:

- Precision-engineered microscopic fibers unlock away dirt, mud and bacteria
- Guarantee for 300 Machine washes
- Microfiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)
- Soft to touch and encourages pets to cuddle into

Care Instructions:

- Rinse and wring out
- Machine washable

Product Dimensions: 39.3cm X 13.9cm X 16.5cm
Product Weight: 0.54kg
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