Casey Electronic Thermometer With Contact

Casey Electronic Thermometer With Contact

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Casey Electronic Thermometer With Contact Measurement Technology- Easy To Use For Fever Measurement , Easy To Read Digital Screen Fast 10 Second Readout, Dependable Accuracy, Stored Memory Function, Automatic Shut-Off Retail Box No Warranty

Product Overview
Casey Electronic Thermometer with Contact-Measurement Technology is widely used in Clinics , Hospitals and in a Home Setting to accurately measure body temperature and fevers through oral, armpit and rectal use. It stores the last reading to track the temperature changes. It is suitable for all ages, babies, children, adults and pets to efficiently measure the temperature.
This device  is designed to be extremely easy, with the probe simply being placed in the area of your choosing and press the button. Once you done keep the device in a while longer until a reading has appeared on the easy-to-read digital display.This device is can be cleaned and disinfected for multiple usage. The Auto Shut off function after 60 seconds will conserve battery usage.
• Stock Code CS12917
• Description Casey Electronic Thermometer With Contact-Measurement Technology
• Designed For Use In Medical Or Home Settings Environments
• Product Type Oral, Armpit And Rectal Contact To Accurately Measure Body Temperature And Fevers
• Easy To Read Digital Screen
• Fast 10 second Readout
• Dependable Accuracy
• Stored Memory Function
• Automatic Shut-Off To Conserve Battery Usage
• Colour Blue –Colour May Vary Due To Different Batches

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