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Bryco Pink Butcher Paper Roll 45cm x 53m

Bryco Pink Butcher Paper Roll 45cm x 53m

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The fast-growing Texan brand Bryco Goods was established in 2017. It all began as a fundamental love for delectable barbecue, sauteed, grilled, and smoked meat. They are a leading expert on paper rolls, and their Butcher Paper is approved by the FDA as Food Grade, inspiring confidence in their customers. Since starting, Bryco Goods have expanded their offerings by introducing Packing Paper and Kraft Paper.

The high-quality, pink Butcher Paper roll is 100% food-grade certified. It is made of durable Georgia Pacific paper and is ultra-durable and strong. It is reinforced on the interior to enhance wet strength when smoking meat. It does a superior job trapping smoke while releasing steam, preventing food from going soggy. The uncoated and unwaxed paper won't leave anything unwanted behind on the food. Use this paper for serving, storing, cooking, and smoking meat. It can also be used as packing paper or for arts and crafts.

Key Features:
- 45cm x 53m
- High-quality Georgia Pacific paper
- Food grade certified
- FDA approved
- Uncoated and unwaxed
- Reinforced strength
- Can be recycled
- Allows steam release
- Traps smoke to flavour meat
- Use for storing, cooking, smoking, or serving
- Use for packing or arts and crafts

Product Dimensions: 45cm x 11.2cm x11.2cm
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