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Product Overview

Hit the right note with Teaching-you Keyboard Skills
Teaching-you Keyboard Skills is an easy and enjoyable way of learning to play the keyboard. Learn at your own pace following the comprehensive videos and animated keyboard and access friendly help and tips every step of the way. Whether you are a complete beginner or have played before this program will teach you music reading, technique, tunes, chords, and solos.

* Midi Cable and keyboard required.

Teaching-you Keyboard Skills contains over 60 inspiring lessons, divided into two easy to follow Music Coach modules_

Keyboard Foundation_ Over 40 lessons covering the basic skills needed to play the keyboard. Learn to read music notation, rhythms, signs, and symbols, and learn to play tunes, chords, and attractive solos. Find out how to get the most from your keyboard and master all its on-board features.

Contemporary Keyboard_Play Band Tracks - discover how to play with other musicians. Play string pads and lead lines and explore the different roles the keyboard can play in a band. Practise and perform 5 contemporary band tracks in Soul, RnB, and Euro Dance styles that provide lots of scope for easy improvisation.
• Expertly shot videos with full screen and slow motion viewing options see exactly what to play
• 5 contemporary band tracks in Soul, RnB, and Euro Dance styles
• Variable Speed MIDI Practice Tracks let you slow down songs so you can learn at your own pace
• Looped Practice to help with working on any tricky bits
• Animated Piano and Roll show exactly what to play and what notes are coming up next
• Interactive feedback* tells you whether what you're playing is correct or not, so you can play and perform with total confidence
• Print out facility enables you to enjoy playing away from the computer
• Step-by-Step help so you get exactly the help you need at the time you need it most.

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