Apex 3D Globe Deluxe DVD

Apex 3D Globe Deluxe DVD

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Apex 3D Globe Deluxe DVD-ROM, Retail Box , No Warranty on Software

Product Overview
Using the latest technology this program transforms thousands of high definition global and satellite photos into detailed three-dimensional views of the Earth. Zoom in and out and rotate the globe from multiple perspectives as you explore those places that you've always wanted to visit. 3D Globe Deluxe is packed with fascinating facts, figures and a variety of maps making it an excellent point of reference for homework as well as for those just curious to explore.

•General and Satellite maps_ include international borders, transport infrastructure, topographical and physical features
•Political map_ displays the countries and territories of the World
•Physical map_ explore the geophysical features of the Earth, including tectonic plate borders, sites of major earthquakes, and volcanoes
•Bio-climatic map_ displays the main bio-climatic zones of the Earth.

• View over 650,000 cities, towns and other geological features
• Zoom and rotate the images to view the world according to details
• Maps zoom down 90 miles and up to 12,420 miles*
• Measure the distance between two or more locations
• Shows latitude/longitude co-ordinates
• Print or copy maps
• 40 different label filters including user labels and user views
• Brush up your knowledge about planet Earth with extensive updated statistics_
• Study a country's climate, population, education levels, economy, politics, crime rate, tourism figures and more
• In-depth information covering various themes such as bio-climatic zones, landscape formation and natural disasters
• * Zoom level varies depending on the type of map selected.

System Requirements
• Windows® 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/ Vista
• PC Pentium 400 MHz (800 MHz recommended)
• 1.4GB Free disc space
• 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended) (512 For Vista)
• 800 x 600, 16-bit colour screen
• SoundBlaster or compatible
• DirectX 7 compatible 3D video card

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