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Agricola: Consul Dirigens Deck Expansion

Agricola: Consul Dirigens Deck Expansion

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Every completionists dream comes true with the new 120 cards of the Agricola (Revised Edition 2016): Consul Dirigens Deck. 96 cards of this deck are the missing ones from the Corbarius Deck and Dulcinaria Deck expansions, which means that - finally - all four decks (Artifex Deck, Bubulcus Deck, Corbarius Deck and Dulcinaria Deck) are complete.

Similar to the cards in the base game, the cards in the Consul Dirigens Deck have been selected to provide a balanced feel to the game. In addition, this deck contains the Parent Cards mini expansion, which offers 24 cards

Minimum Players: 1
Maximum Players: 4
Game Duration: 180 Minutes
Minimum Recommended Age: 12

Product Dimensions (mm): 20x131x99 (HxLxW)
Product Weight (g): 201
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