Adam Elements iKlip II - Flash Drive 64GB - Red
Adam Elements iKlip II - Flash Drive 64GB - Red

Adam Elements iKlip II - Flash Drive 64GB - Red

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iKlip II - Apple Lightning Flash Drive 64GB - RedAs much as you love your iPhone, don't you wish it had more space? iPhone and iPad external storage for when your phone is packed full of games, apps and music. External storage & Extra security for your iPhone data The iKlips II is no plain USB drive. It's a tough, neat-looking and secure digital vault for your peace of mind. It's your phone, and also your palmtop storage for communication records, family photos and business files. You might afford to lose a phone, but maybe not the data packed in it. That's why you need an iKlips II Flash Drive as a dependable backup for your iPhone, your data and all the intangible valuables. Better yet, you can also choose to offload the files to your iKlips II in case you need more space on the phone. Thanks to its dual-interface (Lightning and USB 3.1) design, the iKlips II teamworks with your iOS devices, Mac and PC seamlessly for you to easily share huge video files among different platforms without worrying about size or format. In understated gray or auspicious red, the iKlips II comes with an improved "lost-proof" silicone cover that provides flexible protection to the body. It handily attaches to your backpack or key ring for more convenience, so you'll never miss it out again when you need it – just grab it, connect to you phone and your 4K palm camera is ready to roll.

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